An accident occurred and all the integrated circuits escaped…

They even crawled up the curtains…

But now I got them all again and even found the two parts I was looking for from the beginning of the catastrophe 😉

RepRap – Masterboard: Take two ;-)

Take a look.

The first few steps are done now. It already registers as a serial interface over usb. And I can get the inputs back I write into /dev/ttyACM0, when I shorten the jumper between RXD and TXD…

I already did flash the Arduino firmware…

I’ll continue my work next week, as soon as my fellow, who has my soldering iron in his room is done with this social crap, called “Poly ball preparation”…

As some of you perhaps already have remarked: I have replaced the ATiny2313 by an ATiny85.

As soon as everything works, and all dimensions for resistors and capacities are evaluated and corrected, I’ll make a new schematic and also a PCB and upload it.

RepRap – first MasterBoard

Well. Right now, the schematics are done for the first prototype of the master board for the RepRap.

I made it with KiCad and you can find the updated version under: http://ftp.o2s.ch/masterboard.zip

I’ll now have to check, which format the SMD parts have, that I can buy in the students electronic shop, called “Bastli” (http://www.bastli.ethz.ch/)

Translated it means something like “Tinkery” ^^

Then layout follows soon, so that everyone out there can make a full featured small sized RepRap controller board

with some acid and a single layer copper board.

News and images will follow soon. ^.^

PS: Please write feedback, if you find an error in my schematics.

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