2nd school - matriculation

Dear military, dear ZKB sorry for panicing.
It was neither of you who had my certificate it was my ex-girlfiend which had filed it years ago into a totally insane place where I never would have looked for it.
Namely between my business informatics documents...
Anyway, gladly I've got another female in the house, namely my mom, who did find it on one single look...

Well... The day I begin to understand human females will be the day when either my head explodes or if not I'll take a shower in gasoline and lighten a cig.... >_<

No KDE4 without GNOME??? O_o

A shell says more then 1000 words...

dizzy-6 leviathan # equery depends gnome-base/gnome-common
[ Searching for packages depending on gnome-base/gnome-common... ]
gnome-extra/polkit-gnome-0.101-r1 (gnome-base/gnome-common)
media-gfx/gtkimageview-1.6.4 (gnome-base/gnome-common)
dizzy-6 leviathan # equery depends gnome-extra/polkit-gnome
[ Searching for packages depending on gnome-extra/polkit-gnome... ]
sys-auth/polkit-0.101-r1 (gtk? >=gnome-extra/polkit-gnome-0.101)
dizzy-6 leviathan # equery depends sys-auth/polkit
[ Searching for packages depending on sys-auth/polkit... ]
app-admin/system-config-printer-common-1.2.2 (policykit? sys-auth/polkit)
app-emulation/libvirt-0.8.8-r1 (policykit? >=sys-auth/polkit-0.9)
app-emulation/virt-manager-9999 (policykit? sys-auth/polkit)
gnome-base/gconf-2.32.0-r1 (policykit? sys-auth/polkit)
gnome-extra/polkit-gnome-0.101-r1 (>=sys-auth/polkit-0.101)
net-misc/modemmanager-0.4 (policykit? >=sys-auth/polkit-0.95)
net-misc/networkmanager-0.8-r1 (>=sys-auth/polkit-0.92)
net-print/hplip-3.10.9-r1 (!minimal & qt4 & policykit? sys-auth/polkit)
sys-auth/consolekit-0.4.4 (policykit? >=sys-auth/polkit-0.96-r1)
sys-auth/polkit-qt-0.99.0 (>=sys-auth/polkit-0.99)
sys-fs/udisks-1.0.2-r1 (>=sys-auth/polkit-0.97)
sys-power/upower-0.9.8 (>=sys-auth/polkit-0.97)
dizzy-6 leviathan #

Silken-Tofu with Tamarind-syrup


  • Tamarind (compressed pack or fresh)
  • 80g Sugar
  • 250ml Water
  • A spoon full of Tamarind
  • A pack Silken-Tofu


Heat water up and resolute the sugar inside of it.

Then add the Tamarind and let it give the aroma into the sirup.

Then add the Silken-Tofu.

Let the Tofu warm up, and eat it.


I found out, if you let it stand for a night and eat it the next day.

The syrup gets absorbed by the tofu and makes it become sweet.

So if you don't like natural tofu with the sauce, letting it stand in the fridge for a night does the magic 😉


So long... Bon appetit ;-D

C++ - Class:Struct

Ever tried this one?

struct foo_struct {
int bar;
double bar2;

class foo2 : public foo_struct
int foobel;

... Now I can imagine how C++ ISO was created:

"Hey I've got some money left, let's do an ISO standard"

"Isn't that a lot of work?"

"Nah, just let's take C, rename structs into classes, turn default heritage policy from private to public and call it 'C with classes'"

"Ey dude! Great idea! Lets do it!"

... >_<


Hi folks!
I've got IPv6 now 😀
If you've got IPv6 too try to ping me:
ping6 dizzy-6.o2s.ch
And also lighttpd is running 🙂
Soon I'll upload documents and so on ^.^
Yeah, Happy, IPv6 is awesome.
And the guy from Hurricane Electric had answered some minutes after I wrote the support question, was fast, now everything works just fine!
I only can advice you to also get IPv6, it's much cooler then v4, even if it's not the last spoken word in network protocols...

Mein potentielles schlechte Laune Ablassventil