Hi Folks
This is the project page for my plasma speaker.
It makes use of a variant of the well known Tesla resonance coil.

schematics (v1)

This is the first revision of my schematics for the oscillator circuitry.
This plasma speaker is intended to be used in combination with a low frequency membran speaker in order to create a broadband high definition sound.

the coil


That’s the Tesla resonator coil, the core of the whole circuit.

the PL519


This tube is a common line output pentode used within old monochrome cathode tube TVs.
PL519 goes under many different type numbers, but all of them are basically the same.

This means: 40KG6A / PL519 / PL509 are equivalent.

I’ve got mine from here:

One thought on “Plasma-Speaker”

  1. Hello,
    Want to built my own too.
    How calculateur the RF part ?
    No problem with the coil & frequency and capacitor. But:
    The grid voltage and curent?
    Ring and rod are a capacitor but they give a resistor(parallèle? serie?)
    What is the value of this resistor ?
    I’m a noob,can you help me please ?

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