RepRap - first MasterBoard

Well. Right now, the schematics are done for the first prototype of the master board for the RepRap.

I made it with KiCad and you can find the updated version under:

I'll now have to check, which format the SMD parts have, that I can buy in the students electronic shop, called "Bastli" (

Translated it means something like "Tinkery" ^^

Then layout follows soon, so that everyone out there can make a full featured small sized RepRap controller board

with some acid and a single layer copper board.

News and images will follow soon. ^.^

PS: Please write feedback, if you find an error in my schematics.

5 thoughts on “RepRap - first MasterBoard”

  1. Heyy 🙂 Is it ok that I go sorta off topic? I am tryin to view your blog from my new Blackberry although it doesn't display correctly (some of the navigation areas are almost completely missing), do you have any recommendations? Shall I try to find an upgrade for my browser or something? Thank you for the help I hope! Mozell x 🙂

  2. I have the same opinion with most of your points, however a few need to be discussed further, I will hold a small conversation with my buddies and maybe I will look for you some advice shortly.

    - Henry

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