Asus Transformer Prime: Unlock the device

Five times “We don’t suggest to do this” blah blah
This fucking new-speak for “we wanna burn you in our own crappy software with a lot of payment you’ll have to give us.
Please keep us paying for crappy software instead of just doing our job and producing just the hardware with good documentation instead.”

I’ve just told a friend of mine, basically the only good SoC producer is TI and the best engineered Laptops I received until now are the Toshiba Satellite series.

Put the engineers of TI and Toshiba into a room together with Linus Torwalds and lock them in until they have tinkered a new device together.

And the result will be something you get wet dreams of 😉

One thought on “Asus Transformer Prime: Unlock the device”

  1. Almost, everyone around the world is waiting to hear about the specs. It has amazing features and with greater performance ability. The device can compete for head-on with the best brands available in the market.

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