Enough of reporters with no plan...

I have definitively enough of this "Code leaked" headers within online magazines...
If it's an Android the kernel code is GPL, as soon as a device gets shipped they have to publish the
code because otherwise they'd break the conditions of the GPL which in turn would result in
committing a crime basically.
And as history showed us now, GPL can prevail in front of a judge.
There were indeed companies which had to pay a lot of money because they broke GPL. [1] (in German)
100'000€... they should have let them bleed more, then it would have hurt more :->

The usage of Android forces every producer to publish the kernel source code,
everything else is against the law
"Leaked" code in this sense does NOT exist within the FOSS world because the code builds itself up and develops during time, commit by commit.
The code slowly leaks into upstream, which is exactly the strength of FOSS, world wide cooperation...

The term leaked is just used as a marketing gag in order to attract plan less wannabes

[1] http://www.telemedicus.info/urteile/Urheberrecht/Open-Source/496-LG-Muenchen-I-Az-21-O-612304-Zur-rechtlichen-Wirksamkeit-der-GPL.html

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