I9100G, boot loader and UART

Well then.
I’ve now tinkered together my own debugging interface for the GT-9100G:

Output on UART is the following:

Texas Instruments X-Loader 1.41 (Jan 11 2012 - 23:25:41) <-- FBL
Uboot-loading from Emmc <-- SBL == U-Boot
Starting OS Bootloader from EMMC ...

I’ve sent an email to Samsung, requesting the relevant patches to X-Loader in order for it to successfully initialize the I9100G-board.
If they refuse to send me the informations in which way they have modified the sources in order to run them on their board, it’s a GPL violation.
But I’m still confident that they will cooperate.

3 thoughts on “I9100G, boot loader and UART”

  1. Hello to my home country,

    Very interesting article even /especially because it is some days old. Is it possible with this debugging interface to get kernel debugging information? I am asking because cyanogenmod 13 development for this phone (i9100G) – and android marshmallow development altogether – is somehow stalling because it is not possible right now to get the phone booting past the samsung logo. The dedicated developer would need some UART Connection to get kernel boot messages but has no access to such a device – perhaps you have some info /means to help out?

    See this thread on XDA:

    Thanks and greetings from Germany,


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