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RepRap – first MasterBoard

Well. Right now, the schematics are done for the first prototype of the master board for the RepRap.

I made it with KiCad and you can find the updated version under:

I’ll now have to check, which format the SMD parts have, that I can buy in the students electronic shop, called “Bastli” (

Translated it means something like “Tinkery” ^^

Then layout follows soon, so that everyone out there can make a full featured small sized RepRap controller board

with some acid and a single layer copper board.

News and images will follow soon. ^.^

PS: Please write feedback, if you find an error in my schematics.

RepRap – PCB

Sadly today the acid was too weak, because it was already used a lot, before I came to make my PCB.
So I’ve got only one board (All-In-One-board).
Additionally they did not have the Atmega-644p in DIP shell, so I’ve sent a comrade to buy it tomorrow…
Hopefully I can finish the controller board until this weekend, so that we can at least make test with the software.
Perhaps we get finally everything together for the big assembly session this Saturday.