7 thoughts on “Linux support for z2760”

  1. I ported the usb host driver of z2760 to the latest kernel,
    but, the pnp driver can not probe the usb hardware(INT33B6 and INT33B9).

    Do I miss some important steps?

    1. I always had some bugs with the USB. The reason: The power needs to be turned on by toggling a GPIO pin.
      Maybe the way the toggle the GPIO in order to power the USB hub on is different now?


      1. I test it with the ME400C tablet,
        do you use the other board of intel z2760 cpu?

        intel z2760 has no linux driver codes and the hardware datasheet.
        by the info of win8, usb host(INT33B6 and INT33B9) works on ACPI bus(PNP0C08).
        if there is no ACPI bus driver, does usb work well?
        how do you write the usb driver of linux?(sdk codes or hardware datasheet)


        1. You need to have an ACPI bus driver, otherwise it doesn’t enable the power for the hub, usually. You will have to get the ACPI bus driver working as well.

          1. That’s I want to know!

            there is no the official acpi and usb linux driver linux,
            no codes from net, too.
            how do you write them?

          2. Reverse engineer the calls made in the windows driver to a degree that you get a minimalist version of the ACPI driver which is working.
            Most of the SoC has in common with its siblings in the z-series, so you can adapt this code, and the rest you have to figure out while dissecting the DLLs.
            I hope that helps.

          3. wow!
            you are the expert of Reverse engineer,
            excellent way for the type of problem.

            Thank you very much!

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