It’s 2030 and this might be my last diary entry

It’s January the first 2030. I’m writing this journal entry, sitting in the secret underground bunker dug by our resistance cell, outside in the middle of nowhere, together with refugees who were able to escape.

It’s hard to tell where everything started to go wrong, it all started innocuous, it was all in the name of human social progress, or at least so they claimed.

In the year 2020 the elites in Europe used the spread of a virus which originated from a small village in China, which is located close to a cave with a special family of bats, carrying a specific type of the Coronavirae family, SARS-CoV-2 – to which all the villagers develop a natural immunity in their early childhood ages – as an excuse to step by step infringe on the civil liberties of their citizens.

After having introduced laws which made bigger social gatherings illegal, and by weaponizing the media apparatus with the use of money and bribes for systematically and tactically spreading false information over every broadly trusted news agency, the oligarchs in Europe created a constructed fictional reality for the larger populous to live in.

Under the premise that the population would need vaccination, people were trained for accepting the fact that there would be mandatory vaccinations against “the plague” – which in fact had a survival rate of nearly 100% – twice a year.

People rejecting vaccination were belittled, ostracized and treated as outlaws, while everyone gave up their right to liberty and their own property.

Everyone just began renting from the oligarchs instead of buying.
Paper money was outlawed and privacy became a matter for laughter by the the people in the cities.

Suddenly, the type of vaccination changed, it was not an antiviral injection but chemicals messing with the brain chemistry; “Pax” they called it.
It was supposed to reduce violent tendencies in the population, make people “more tolerant towards each other” and to reduce the impact on the environment by human consumerism.

The military, in the meanwhile, which could not be put on the same drugs, because they needed too be clear headed for combat situations, was introduced to narcotics with violent and potentially lethal withdrawal symptoms, in order to keep them compliant and to not rise up against this war crime.

The army was sent out to track down, and neutralize if needed, any dissident rejecting the treatment, or at least put them into concentration camps.

So here we are now, loosely distributed resistance cells hiding from drugged soldiers, in underground bunkers.
At least I’ve got my wife, Ms. Soong, with me, she says her family name is Korean due to her grand pa and that she’d not be white, but Asian…
But to be honest, she looks so totally Portuguese, just like that YouTuber who’s videos I was so addicted to, while I still had access to the internet.
Damn! If all Asians would look that way, I’d be Chinese general by now!
… anyway, did I mention that I took her family name now?
Never argue with a Portuguese girl; I’m a Soong now.

I’m glad I found her, otherwise I would be alone in the world now.
I tried to recruit some people, I did think would have had principles, people I once considered friends, but they were too far gone on the drugs, were already in the process of developing tracking software for tracing the movements of our resistance, so I had to put them down and out of their suffering.

This power grab doesn’t only have bad aspects however.
Thanks to it, China and India finally have made peace and are working together at figuring out a way to stop the European power grab.
I’m closely working over encrypted channels, over Starlink, with Dr. He Jianke, Dr. Ajeet Singh and we are working on ground breaking genetic modification technologies.
I took the liberty to test the same intelligence improvement for our augments on the egg of my son, Noonian… Damn… Did I mention that my wife now is pregnant? If you’re ever reading this son, promise me you’ll build crazy robots and shit, with that improved mind of yours, will you?

Anyway, so, since I’m part Mongolian, from my grand pa’s side, Dr. Singh decided to call his son, with the same modifications, Khan.

But enough of this, I just hope that Colin Cochrane over in Montana and his girl are safe, while our troops over there are taking revenge at the Harris administration for imprisoning and torturing Donald J. Trump to death. The last video, his last words before he was executed, was his words to the resistance, where he told us to never give up.
Damn, this man was so skinny, I could finally understand how Stormy… never mind… It’s disrespectful to a hero of our nations.

But why are those possibly MY last words, you will ask…

Thanks to my past and my connections, I was able to acquire a hand full of tactical nuclear war heads, of which one will be detonated in a few hours in the center of Brussels, the other ones will be tactically placed and remotely detonated. One of the teams will be led by me.

May god have mercy on our souls and on the souls of all the casualties. Let’s see whether Kim Jong Un’s nukes actually work.

Mein potentielles schlechte Laune Ablassventil