My trip to China (Chapter 2)

Park in Zhuhai (珠海)

Actually just one of so many parks in 珠海. I passed by this place on my way to the 客车68号 (Bus number 68) to the office of Allwinner Technology.


My way to Allwinner Technology

Since the security guard at the entrance already looked a bit confused when I sat down and tried to make clear to him with my dictionary that I was two hours too early for the meeting I’ve let it be to make pictures of the entrance.
Just be told, that the company has a beautiful modern new building now with leather seats and mings vases and two big red Chinese lanterns at the entrance.
A beautiful office building! *_*


Dinner (sponsored by Allwinner)

Best food of my life (2.0)! ^^
我不想回来瑞士! (I don’t wanna go back to Switzerland) *_*

Ah and btw, maybe I don’t have to.
I seems as if the dinner has brought up some additional business ideas which would justify my employment at their company =D


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