My trip to China (Chapter 4)

Today… Let’s just say: I’ve found the StarBucks.
It’s exactly as the StarBucks in Switzerland. I mean exactly the same.
Only that an Americano middle sized cup (for take away) is only 3.50 CHFr and not 5.00 CHFr.! ^_^

Agricultural paradise

Well… I didn’t find it in time… Also as far as I could see… It’s not really as interesting as some travelling blogs have described it.




Lovers road

Well. I didn’t go straight there either because I was stuck at the bubble tea and steamed bread corner where I’ve found fresh Manju (with red bean stuffing! *_*) as you can find a recipe for on my blog.
Also I’ve found Banh Bao… After this dinner I was so stuffed that I decided to roll back home.
Ahh! I talked Chinese a lot more today ^_^



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