Kubuntu-Mobile on GTA04

January 15th, 2012
by leviathan


I tried out Kubuntu-Mobile [1] on my GTA04.
Considering that it's a whole KDE4 there on this little smart phone it runs surprisingly fluent.
Nepomuk still fucks up, and also the layout is a little bit suboptimal for this small screen (2.8"!)

But after all: I've got KDE4 running on a smart phone!
Yeeeha! ^_^

[1] http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-mobile/releases/11.04/release/

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2 Responses to “Kubuntu-Mobile on GTA04”

  1. ro Says:

    Very nice. Do you by any chance know if it would also run on the gta02. I checked the link but the builds are for omap devices only (I'm not quite sure what the freerunner is but I don't remember it to be an omap device). it would certainly be terribly slow, but just for giving it a try it would be nice. is kubuntu mobile the most advanced plasma active compilation for smartphones? I googled a bit on plasma active but didn't find too much for mobile phones.

    best regards


  2. leviathan Says:

    GTA02 == FreeRunner
    Kubuntu Mobile alias Plasma-Mobile alias Plasma-Active in it's release 3 appears to be the most recent.

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