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Everything non scientific ;-)


Today I’ve bought parts for MiniMendel, at least I thought I’d have done that.
But… Seems I can’t even read correctly.
I mixed it up with parts for the full sized Mendel and got M8 and not M6 bars.
Of course they do not fit into the Huxley parts.
Well it’s not for nothing.
Perhaps I will build a Mendel Apollo, as soon as the MiniMendel aka. Huxley is done.
Ahh. Another shit. I can’t use PET granule, because they don’t sell stuff usable for 3D-Printing (Got an email back today).
So now I’ll have to check for another source…
Good thing. The teeth doctor was able to do the treatment today without injection.
Great, because I hate needles. >_<

I hate cold

I hate low temperatures…
I just don’t fit into this society in ANY aspect…
When I consider it cold, they still consider it warm.
When I consider it comfortable warm, some of them are already dying by heat beat…
Well, ATM I wish going to a place like this one…


The parts arrived now

But I will need to first cure my cold, before I can get onto the assembly…
Additionally I’ll also need to get stuff for building a granule extruder.
Hope its not THAT hard, as it seems, I’ve also to learn for examina… -.-